Ballet Inspired Fitness Classes for adults

Ballet Beats

Ballet Beats -authentic ballet inspired workout without a ballet barre.

Warm-up section, centre exercises to tone and strengthen your legs and arms before co-ordinating moves together, developing into a ballet dance routine.

All exercises and routines consist of authentic ballet technique.

Class ends with a graceful movement meditation for mind and muscles- an ideal way to calm the mind and stretch deeper into the body.

Grace and Flow

Grace and Flow 

Warm-up section, authentic ballet barre exercises without a ballet barre, ballet dance routine, mat work to stretch, tone and relax.

Students are required to bring their own mat or towel.

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I repeat the Ballet Fitness classes week on week for approximately six weeks at a time. This enables students to fully grasp the movements and technique. The steps can be simplified or extended to meet the level of each student.

As much as we all want to meet with perfection, I prefer aspiring to be good enough or making small improvements week on week. We can only be at the level we are at in each moment. It’s much more realistic, less stress and by far, more enjoyable and fun!

The routine is an opportunity to experience the joy of dancing. For many women this is their favourite bit! Classes accommodate beginners (with some dance/fitness experience) up to advanced level.

Classes available in studios and via Zoom app.

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