Video Tips

1. Pliés

Learn two of the first ballet positions and pliés. Pliés are knee bends which are great for toning the legs. It is important to keep the back straight and upright and the knees over the toes. Pliés are a foundation ballet step which are the basis of many other ballet movements.  (6 mins)

2. Tendu Prep 1

Tendus prepare the legs and feet for further ballet steps by concentrating on extending the legs and pointing the toes. This first exercise focuses on straightening the knees and lengthening the legs. Toning and sculpting the leg muscles. (5 mins)

3. Tendu Prep 2

In this second tendu exercise you will work the legs through plié bends, straightening the knees and working pointed toes. You will engage the inner thighs. Once you have mastered the mechanics of such moves you will notice how the legs sculpt and tone during ballet exercises. (4 mins)

4. Beginner's Arms

In this video you will focus on how the back and shoulder blades are involved in manoeuvring ballet arm movements. Learn arm positions – bras bas: first position, second position and fifth position. (6 mins)

4. Ballet Workout

Once you have completed Pliés, Tendu Prep 1, Tendu Prep 2 and Beginner’s Arms, try this ballet workout. It starts with steady focus before taking up the pace and ending with slow flow movements. (13 mins)

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